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Child Health 7 to 15 Years

Child Health 7 to 15 Years

Routine childhood immunisations

12 to 13 years old Cancers caused by HPV including cervical cancer , some mouth and throat cancers and some cancers of the anal and genital areas. Also helps protect against genital warts. HPV (two doses 6-12 months) Upper arm
14 years old  Tetanus, diphtheria and polio Td/IPV (Revaxis), and check MMR status Upper arm
Meningococcal groups A, C, W
and Y disease
MenACWY Upper arm

My child is unwell, what should I do?

Click here for advice from the NHS about what to do if your child is unwell.

This booklet contains lots of useful information about how to deal with common infections in children.

The Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow has created a mobile app for parents. This contains lots of information about what to do when you are worried about your child, as well as information about what to expect if your child is coming to a hospital appointment, or being admitted to hospital. Find it in the Google Play Store | Apple Store


Most symptoms of a fever in young children can be managed at home with infant paracetamol. If the fever is very high, they may have an infection that needs treating with antibiotics.

Head Lice

Head lice are insects that live on the scalp and neck. They may make your head feel itchy. Although head lice may be embarrassing and sometimes uncomfortable, they don’t usually cause illness. However, they won’t clear up on their own and you need to treat them promptly


Nosebleeds (also known as epistaxis) are fairly common, especially in children, and can generally be easily treated.

NHS Conditions and Treatments

See the NHS Conditions and Treatments browser for an in-depth description of many common health issues.

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