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Text Message Reminders

Text Message Reminders

Appointment confirmation/reminders

Please note patients under 16 will not be sent reminders. 

We use a text reminder service to remind patients 1 day in advance of an upcoming appointment.  We have found that this service has reduced the number of patients missing their appointments.

Patients will also receive a text confirming their appointment up to 7 days in advance.

Patients may only receive one message if they book an appointment less than 7 days in advance.

Updates by text

We may also use the text reminder services to remind you about other services e.g. if you are due a chronic disease checkup or are eligible for our flu clinic.  We may text you if your appointment has to be cancelled unexpectedly or if we have been unable to get you on the telephone and wish to make contact with you quickly.

Please ensure we have an up to date mobile number for you held on our records.

Opting Out

When you register with Riverview Medical Centre we will ask for your consent to send you text reminders of appointments and other messages related to your care as detailed above.

You are able to opt out of this service at any time. Please advise a member of our reception team and allow one week for the opt out to take effect.

You can use the form below to opt in or opt out of receiving text messages.  Please return the completed form to reception.

Text Reminder Service op-in/opt-out form.

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