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Clinics & Services

Clinics & Services

All GP practices are contracted to provide “essential services” which are the basic treatment of ill people.

We also provide the following “additional services”

  • Child health surveillance and immunisation of children (in partnership with our local Health Visiting team)
  • Contraceptive services
  • Maternity services (in partnership with our local Community Midwives)
  • Cervical smears
  • Travel advice and selected travel immunisations. Please note not all vaccinations are available on the NHS

Please speak to one of our Practice Nurses for details.

Enhanced Services

We also provide the following “enhanced services”

  • An annual flu immunisation programme to protect patients who are at risk.
  • Regular monitoring via blood and urine tests for patients prescribed particular medications for arthritis, heart failure and inflammatory bowel disease.
  • Annual comprehensive reviews for patients with long-term conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and asthma.

Link Worker Services (in partnership with RAMH)

The practice has a Link Worker (Gerry Byrne) who can support patients to access activities and resources in the local community. These include:

  • benefits advice
  • housing advice
  • physical activity programmes
  • mental well-being
  • carers advice
  • volunteering
  • employability

Gerry can also see and support patients who are experiencing difficulties with their mental health. Patients have told us that speaking to the Link Worker has been a very positive experience, contributing to an improvement in their overall health and enabling them to feel more in control of their situation.

Appointments are available on Mondays and can be pre-booked via reception.

For more information about the Link Worker service, speak to reception.

Physiotherapy at Riverview Medical Centre

The NHS24 MSK app is available for free download online. It has been developed by Physiotherapists across Scotland, with information and videos on how to manage sprains, strains and joint problems.

In general, you should complete exercises where these are comfortable and stop any if they make your symptoms worse. Pain relief (e.g paracetamol, ibuprofen) heat and ice can also help.

Additional information about specific conditions can be found on www.nhsinform.co.uk

As a general rule, if you see no improvement in your symptoms after 3 weeks or your symptoms worsen then please contact the physiotherapist at the practice. Please note it may take several months for some symptoms to resolve completely.

We are extremely fortunate to have an advanced physiotherapy practitioner (APP) working with us in the surgery. Her name is Alison Renfrew. Alison is a very experienced NHS Physiotherapist who is able to assess and treat a wide range of muscle and joint problems including back pain, join pain, joint swelling, tendonitis and minor injuries including sprains and “whiplash”. She is able to carry out injections and organise Xrays, ultrasounds and other tests and may refer patients to other specialists or for longer courses of Physiotherapy. Alison can arrange for prescriptions to be provided via one of the GPs without the patient having to make a separate GP appointment.

Practice Pharmacist

Our in-house Practice Pharmacist Emma Lewis is available to help patients with any queries regarding their medication. Please ask at reception if you would like to speak to Emma.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Patients can be referred for a course of CBT via the “Doing Well” service. Appointments with the CBT Therapist are held at the surgery. Please speak to your GP for more information.

Ear wax treatment

Our ear wax treatment information leaflet is available to view online and contains details of the services we are currently able to offer.

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